I know this is stupid: Hitting a home run.

For those of you who understand what it feels like to hit a home run, you will get this concept easily. For the others I will try my best to explain.

I play a lot of softball, well not a lot, not nearly as much as I would like to. I also happen to be a power hitter, which means that when I’m healthy I tend to hit a lot of home runs.

There is a feeling when the ball hits the bat. It is a feeling that you know it’s a big hit. It’s a feeling you get that this is probably going to be a home run. It’s hard to explain other than It just feels right.

Well, I happen to have that very same feeling about the book I have just finished the first draft of. Now this is an entirely new feeling for me. The last full novel I completed was really not very good. And this is the attitude I have about much of my writing.

But this one feels different. It has a very similar feeling to connecting with that 12 inch ball, and knowing that there is no way that anyone is going to catch that. It’s out of the park.

Who knows what this actually means. I’ve been wrong many times before. But then again I’ve never felt like this about anything I have ever done before.

I still have a lot of work to do on it. But I’m not terribly worried about that. I know I’ll do it. I’ll get it done, and continue to move it forward.

I would tell you about it, but I’m not ready yet. Sorry, another writers irrational insecurity.

Until next time.




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