This is a beautiful sight

This is the first draft of my current work in progress. To me this is a vision of wonderfulness. It’s one of those things, where once it is all printed up, you can stare at it and say “I did that! Holy crap.”

Like I’ve said before I have never felt this good about a project. And I haven’t even begun to edit it yet. I also have never looked forward to the editing process. I usually find it a detestable, annoying, drawn out pain storm. I’d rather sit in a dentist chair strapped down with barbed wire, than edit.

However this time is different. I can’t wait to get this ball rolling.

And I think the reason is very much in sync with the link I posted yesterday of Cristian Mihai’s blog, and the quote from Tennessee Williams as well.

“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.”

This work in particular is the most honest work of fiction I’ve ever completed. This book is a part of me. This book is me summed up in 140,000 words. It has everything I am poured into it’s black and white pages. It could never be separated from me. (note: It’s a metaphor, it’s fiction, and the main character is not me. The whole book is me.)

And that’s why seeing this manuscript laid out before me, is much akin to seeing my soul laid out before  me. And for the first time starting to understand it.



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