Grammer vs. the point…

(and yes I know I spelled Grammar wrong, it was on purpose.)

I apologize for two very close blog posts. But they are in a strange way related.  And honestly…It’s my blog…or web log, lest we forget.

Point: I am a writer. I am a storyteller. Not an editor.

Some people in the world are fantastic at both. They are amazing people…and I hate them…just kidding, I don’t hate anyone. But I am extremely jealous.

There is a lot of advice out on the interwebs (Yes I mispelled this as well, for a lame attempt at humor), as to why writers should be so fantastic at grammar. And I agree, we all should be great at grammar. But in all honesty, we aren’t. Some of us try very hard to have perfect grammar. But some of us just can’t physically grasp all the concepts. No matter how many times we read Strunk and White.

That’s why copy editors even exist in the first place. If every writer was a fantastic grammarian, then we would not ever, ever, ever need an editor.

Now unfortunately, most of us can not afford editors to edit our blogs every day. Even the best authors have grammatical errors in their blogs. Trust me I’ve checked. If I can notice a grammatical error in a blog, then it’s pretty bad.

Here is the main point. It’s the point that matters, not the grammar.

Without heart, there is no grammar. Without story, their is no book. I am a story teller, as all writers should be.

I have wonderful, and amazing people who are helping me with this grammar  deficiency that I have. And they know that they are very appreciated.

Focusing only on the grammatical errors, is like focusing only on the potholes in a road. Guess what, there are a lot of potholes on any road. Do you stop driving altogether? Or do you simply avoid all roads with potholes? This will only get you one place. Nowhere.

So please. Just relax. If you can’t get past any grammatical errors. Then please don’t read at all.


I apologize again for the harsh tone of this post (and for using the word apologize again). I try to be positive. But my inner demons love to show their ugly faces.



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