On positivity

I always find life to be full of too much negativity. Everything in the news is almost always bad news. It seems like sometimes people spend their whole lives anaylzing what is absolutely wrong with the world and everyone in it.

So this is for the positive people. Becuase frankly, they are almost always ignored. Why? Well simply because they aren’t yelling.

Positive people can find beauty in anything.

They work their ass off without complaint.

While others demand, they ask.

They try to find ways to make the world better.

They practice the smallest acts of kindness that never get noticed.

They work their fingers to the bone, and then ask “whats next?”

They give knowing they will not receive.

They succeed without bragging.

They take care of their family without expecting anything.

They don’t stop moving forward.

They hope for the best, even when the worst keeps piling up.

They know the world can be a better place, always.

They do what they love, and they love what they do.

They smile.


So this is an ode to all of you positive people out there. Letting you know that I, and many others are paying attention. So keep trucking.



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