In the zone

I don’t know what other writers call it. I don’t know how it happens. I don’t know why it happens, or how to make it happen.

But there is a place that my mind goes to, while I’m writing, that I call “the zone”.

It is the place where I become completely engrossed in the story. No not just that, but I actually become a part of the story. I don’t realize that I am typing. I don’t notice that I am trying to write a story, or why. I don’t think about the world around me, or the things that I have to do.

I am simply living inside the world I have created. It’s as if I am standing in the shoes of my character. I see what he sees, I feel what he feels. I interact with the characters around me as if they were standing right next to me.

While writing, this is a place that I wish I could force myself to go to. Because all of my best writing comes from that “zone”.

For instance, I’m deep into the tedious process of editing. Many chapters require changes in almost every sentence.

However, one of the chapters I was rereading had very few structural or style problems. The story was solid. The characters were well fleshed out. Their interactions where spot on.

And then I began to realize. This had been one of those chapters where I was in “the zone” for the entire thing. Not only was I in it, but I was immersed in it.

I just wish I could figure out how to get to this place more often. It’s like finding a beautiful bright sunny meadow in the middle of the forest, and then forgetting how to get back there. And then having to wander through the forest aimlessly again in order to run into it. Walking back and forth, over and over again until I find it. And then it happens all over again, and art comes.




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