How to stay motivated while editing your novel

I’m writing this post for two reasons.

First: I Googled the phrase “how to stay motivated while editing your novel” and I came up with very little in the way of constructive results. Almost every post popped up as “how to stay motivated while writing your novel”. Well considering I already wrote the thing, that isn’t very much help.

Second: Any thoughts anyone has on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

As of now I am trying my hardest to plod through the editing process. The going is slow. Not just slow, it’s like pulling teeth while walking on a bed of coals in an ice storm. Yeah that about sums it up. I’m only about a hundred pages behind where I wanted to be at this time.

It seems the biggest problem is focus. I can sit down and write for hours on end, and time just sails by. I sit down for five minutes of editing, and I feel like I’ve run a marathon. I become tired. My eyes get heavy. My mind starts to wander. I start thinking about other things I could be doing.

I tried going for a walk yesterday. That helped for about another five minutes.

I tried taking a nap. That was utterly useless.

I tried watching a little TV. (I’m guessing you know how that went.)

I tried eating, drinking, going to a coffee shop and consuming massive quantities of coffee. I’ve tried reading, and surfing the net, and listening to every type of music I can think of, and cleaning the bathroom, and…and…and…Blarggg…

So in response to my initial question…I have no idea…

I suppose when it finally comes down to it, editing is just a painful, slow process. The only way to stay motivated is to “just do it”. No matter how painful that is.


Again if you have any strategies on staying motivated, I would love to hear them.


One Comment on “How to stay motivated while editing your novel”

  1. Marty says:

    Butt Glue! lol, I feel you. I’m there right now. I found your blog by typing the same line in a google search. I’m mixing my internal pep-talks between “you will fail if you don’t write!!” and “Imagine how great it will be when this is done”, using each as needed. Which one I use changes frequently. Good luck on your MS.

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