The Grey

This is a little post before I need to get some stuff done.

I Realize I haven’t posted much in the last week. There are reasons. I wouldn’t necessarily call them good reasons, but they are reasons none the less.

For one, It has been very grey here. I am very reactive to the weather, unfortunately. This is the primary reason I live in southern California. I grew up on the east coast, but as soon as I could I moved out to sunnier climates. Whenever the clouds are hovering, my mood and productivity slow to about the speed of a snail climbing a salt lick.

Secondly I received a major contest rejection the other day, and though I always become stronger after such rejections, there is a slight cooldown immediately after.  I am going to put up a much more in depth post about what we learn from failure later on. Either tonight or tomorrow morning…weather permitting of course.


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