When I close my eyes I see red…

No, not that kind of red. Red ink. I use a red pen for my hard copy edits, and boy is this thing red.

But to me that’s a good thing. Red is a vibrant and moving color. Red means change. Red means “more better.”

The only problem is…that my eyes are turning red from all the up, down, sideways of looking from page to screen. I wish there were a better way. If anyone knows one, please, please tell me.

Anyhoo, off to more o’ that writer stuff.



3 Comments on “When I close my eyes I see red…”

  1. I picked up an orange pen for the same reason. You’d think I’d loaded up the printer with orange ink.

  2. I use red to edit hard copies too. If you’re just editing, you might also try reading the manuscript out loud to yourself.

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