We are all a little bit stupid sometimes

This is one of my favorite Sayings. I’m not sure where it comes from. I might have made it up myself. Who’s to say really? But I find it to be one of the most honest realities of everyday life.

we like to go through life thinking that we are the most intelligent beings around us at any one given time. we love to put ourselves on pedestals and judge on high. we know that we are always right, and whoever disagrees is wrong. we love to poke fun at others for petty little differences.

don’t feel bad, or ashamed. we all do it whether we want to or not. its in our nature to survive and dominate.

but the simple fact of the matter is that we are all stupid sometimes. and some of us more than others. don’t get me wrong, I count myself on the list of “stupider” than others. We love to walk down a street and in our minds we are pointing at the guy walking past us. “those are stupid shoes” we think. “what a dumb hat” or “only a mother would love that ugly mug” or “that guy is Definatly an alien who wants to crack open my skull and feed on my mushy brains”… well maybe that’s only me, but you get the point.

the problem is that they are probably thinking the same thing. even more of a problem is who cares? each and every persons measure of stupid or not stupid is based on a trivial set of prerequisites that are socially and economically prevelent at the time. you think Neanderthals walked by eachother thinking “boy that ugly bastard has a big flat head”… well yeah they probably did, but thats the point isn’t it? we are all just one big flathead pointing and laughing at another big flathead.

so what the fuck is the point?… welll. “we are all a little stupid sometimes”

that is all.


oh and sorry for being so stupid and not posting on this blog in forever. just proving my point all over again.

Please ignore typos, I’m writing posts on my phone now. Not that I was any better on the big pc either.


A quick note

I realize I haven’t been posting much lately. I have returned to my blue collar job after being off for many months. At present I am trying to figure out how to adjust my schedule to account for writing, editing, and blogging in my free time. Please bare with me while I attempt this reorganization. And I thank all of you who have been persistent in checking up on the blog. You are all invaluable to me.


A wealth of writing info…

I know I have already linked to David Farland’s website before. But it seems crucial to me that I must do it again.


Because this post “Boosting Your Prose” is an unbelievable wealth of storytelling, and editing info. So much so that I have created Excel checklists off of his own lists.

Now I realize that running through these lists is going to add an exorbitant amount of time to my own editing process. However, in the long run I believe that the finished product will be much, much better. Really that’s the point isn’t it? We as writers want to create the best product we possibly can before submitting it to the world, or a publisher.

This was a hard lesson to learn for me. In some ways I am very impatient. I want to be done with a project as fast as I can. The first book I wrote “Losians Offering” is a good example of this rush. It’s honestly not very good. It will take a lot of work to make it better. Perhaps some day I will have the time for it. But for now I am moving forward with my current work in progress.

Now I clearly see the errors of that philosophy. This is something that can never be rushed. In the end I know I will be much happier with the results, even if it takes till the end of the year, or longer.

So yet again I must stress how wonderful “Boosting Your Prose” is. Please pass this info to any of your writer friends or contacts. Even if you don’t care for my blog, just pass along the link. I’m not looking for publicity here, I just think that this is too valuable a post to ignore. I would love for any other writer to use it to their benefit. Because let’s face it, as writers we want to learn and improve. As readers we want to read good stories.



When I close my eyes I see red…

No, not that kind of red. Red ink. I use a red pen for my hard copy edits, and boy is this thing red.

But to me that’s a good thing. Red is a vibrant and moving color. Red means change. Red means “more better.”

The only problem is…that my eyes are turning red from all the up, down, sideways of looking from page to screen. I wish there were a better way. If anyone knows one, please, please tell me.

Anyhoo, off to more o’ that writer stuff.


The beauty of failure

“Meet the Robinsons” has to be one of my all time favorite kids movies. I know I’ve mentioned this before, in the “keep moving forward” post, but its message is so universally beneficial that I must bring it up again.

There is a wonderful scene at the Robinson household where a young Lewis tries to fix a “peanut butter and jelly gun”. Subsequently the repair fails, and the gun splatters everyone in the room. Lewis shies away apologizing profusely. The rest of the Robinson household burst into cheers. They tell him that that is one of the best failures they have ever seen, and that only by failing can we truly learn.

This is an undeniable universal truth.

Recently I entered a very big writing contest. After not hearing anything for months I finally got the rejection letter that I was half expecting. Though the irrational part of my brain created dreams of what winning this contest could do for me. It could have propelled my writing career, Might have given me the notoriety I need, or just recognition that a writer so greatly desires.  If nothing else it would have given me some much needed cash.

Alas…no such luck.

I spent some time dwelling on this loss, which I often do when anything deflating happens. A day or two later I received an email from the contest director sending me a link to David Farlands blog.

Here I found a wealth of writing tips that I had not seen before. In particular tips for the editing phase, ways to spruce up your writing. So, I threw away my feelings of defeat, and sat down to learn as much as I possibly could.

In a way perhaps I did win that contest. If I had actually won, then I might not have been directed to David’s site at the exact moment that I’m  sitting down for major edits on my current novel.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more failures…Good…that means I can make my writing the best as it can be.



The Grey

This is a little post before I need to get some stuff done.

I Realize I haven’t posted much in the last week. There are reasons. I wouldn’t necessarily call them good reasons, but they are reasons none the less.

For one, It has been very grey here. I am very reactive to the weather, unfortunately. This is the primary reason I live in southern California. I grew up on the east coast, but as soon as I could I moved out to sunnier climates. Whenever the clouds are hovering, my mood and productivity slow to about the speed of a snail climbing a salt lick.

Secondly I received a major contest rejection the other day, and though I always become stronger after such rejections, there is a slight cooldown immediately after.  I am going to put up a much more in depth post about what we learn from failure later on. Either tonight or tomorrow morning…weather permitting of course.

My office view today

I know it looks a little funny, not really sure why this one came out weird. Oh well.

In an effort to stay motivated and interested in the editing process, I decided to go mobile today. So this ended up being my morning view. My desk was a picnic table, my car was a bike, and my office came with me on my back.

It seemed to work rather well. Whenever I got bored I just rode to a different spot. For example, this was the afternoon view.

I’d highly recommend this method if you have the weather for it.